Labour law

AKKG represents both employers and employees. In servicing employers, we create regulations and other internal regulations, we advise on the termination of employment contracts. We create contracts of employment, services, non-competition and confidentiality. We create anti-mobbing procedures, represent employers during ZUS, National Labor Inspectorate inspections and other authorities. We help employers to control the use of sick leaves by employees. We create incentive and loyalty programs. We support in choosing external forms of employment such as temporary employment agencies. By representing employees, we support them in cases of unjustified or incorrect termination or termination of the employment contract. We clarify doubts regarding the basis of employment, working time, the right to leave or breach of the principle of equal treatment in employment. We represent you in the event of a refusal to pay social security benefits.

Employment of foreigners and posting employees

We obtain work permits and residence permits for foreigners, as well as provide support in visa procedures. We support our clients in employing foreigners on the basis of a declaration of entrusting the performance of work and during the audit of employment legality. We clarify doubts regarding the legal stay and work of foreigners on territory of Poland.

New technologies law

AKKG Gruszka Kidawa Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services to companies operating in the fields of new technologies, e.g. the IT sector. We offer our support to drafting cooperation agreements and outsourcing agreements. We specialise in drafting agreements dedicated to implementation projects. We also offer our legal services to companies operating in marketing and advertising, with particular reference to drafting agreements and legal opinions regarding to legal aspects of marketing and advertising. We also support e-commerce sector. We know how important is intellectual property and protections of its rights, therefore we take care of drafting proper license agreements or copyrights transfer agreements. We represent our clients during the negotiations and proceedings.

Protection of personal rights

In the world of the Internet and the rapid flow of information, it is very easy to come across false information (the so-called fake news) that harms the goods of others. We often encounter situations of insulting or slandering other people. The perpetrators of such acts or authors of false information often feel unpunished, believing in the false sense of anonymity that gives them a presence in the Internet under a nickname or a false name. Our law firm supports our clients in protecting their rights. It helps to obtain compensation, compensation and rulings ordering the cessation of violations. We represent our clients at every stage of the procedure.

Building investments and public procurement

Our law firm provides legal support dedicated to building investments. We draft contracts at any stage of the investment, development contracts included. We offer legal analysis of the documents in public procurement proceedings, e.g. specification of key procurement conditions. Our attorneys-at-law draft appeals against the decisions, appeals to National Appeals Chamber, appeals against the National Appeals Chamber, appeals to administrative courts. We also represent our clients before above-mentioned bodies. We also represent our clients during the contract negotiations.

Economic and commercial law– legal services to economic entities

Our law firm provides ongoing legal services to economic entities. We prepare resolutions for shareholders’ meetings, members’ of board meetings and supervisory board meetings. We also prepare requests to registration courts. We also create cooperation model between the company and members of its board. Our attorneys-at-law represent clients in disputes related to resolution annulment or repealing and shareholder excluding. We create remuneration models for members of boards.

Recovery of debts

We know how difficult could be receiving of payment for delivered services or goods. One of the surest ways to recover your debts is obtaining a an executable writ and subsequently execution in execution proceeding providing by the bailiff. We represent our clients at any stage of proceedings- negotiations, mediation, before the courts and in execution proceedings. During the execution proceedings, we are in ongoing contact with bailiffs. We cooperate with companies offering corporate espionage. We offer drafting final demands for payment and suits for payment and other documents in the course of proceedings.

Family law

We comprehensively handle family matters - we represent our clients in divorce and separation cases, division of joint property, in matters concerning the determination of childcare and the grant of maintenance, we deal with matters concerning the determination or denial of paternity.

Civil law and inheritance

Restructuring and bankruptcy

We offer comprehensive advising in the fields of restructuring and bankruptcy of legal entities. We analyse legal and financial situation with regard to qualification for bankruptcy or restructuring. We support our clients in development of strategies related to restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. We represent our clients in negotiations with creditors in order to establish the most advantageous solutions. Our experts prepare requests for restructuring and bankruptcy. We also offer legal support to members of boards legally responsible for a company’s obligations. Acting on behalf of creditors, we draft lodgment of claims. Our attorneys-at-law also represent clients in legal proceedings.


Compliance with law and regulations is the basis of business activity. Therefore, we will take care of drafting proper procedures and policies in order to align with applicable legal standards. We carry out audits and prepare legal analysis in the field of data protections rights (GDPR), anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF). We also carry out due diligence analysis. We cooperate with compliance experts.


We conduct training regarding the whole scope of our services, both for our clients' employees and for any group of interested persons (the minimum number of participants is 5).